Role Of Cloud Computing In Healthcare Sector

In the healthcare industry, lots of data is created regularly. The need of the hour is to make this data remotely, securely accessible for providers and patients. Cloud computing in healthcare enables institutions to break free from limitations while offering better patient outcomes.


Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industry segments, with a CAGR of 5 % from 2019 to 23[1]. The demand and supply of solutions are on the rise. This is due to factors like an aging population, infrastructure investments, the spread of chronic diseases and more. There needs to be a shift in the creation, usage, storage, and sharing of healthcare data. That is why cloud computing can offer a quick, secure, and cost-effective solution.

The healthcare cloud computing market is projected to grow to USD 64.7 billion by 2025[2]. It’s evident as shifting to the cloud is beneficial for both healthcare providers as well as patients.

For healthcare providers, cloud computing helps reduce operational spending while giving better, personalized care. Further, the use of cloud solutions helps drive efficient workflows, resulting in better service.

Parallelly, patients receive quicker responses from the health industry. Cloud solutions also offer access to their healthcare data. It helps them keep track of their health better.

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Discover the Benefits of Cloud Computing in Healthcare

It supports seamless healthcare management solutions to improve patient care.

  1. Manage more data easily: Healthcare and related sectors produce lots of data. Medical images like high-resolution scans utilize a big chunk of digital space. Such vital information needs to be saved securely throughout the patient’s life. That’s why cloud computing provides a more comfortable storage option as compared to physical space.
  2. Avoid server management: Healthcare providers need not worry about managing their data on the cloud. With expert IT professionals tracking and handling the system, healthcare providers can focus on healthcare’s vital aspects.
  3. Gain cost benefits: Cloud computing makes it easier for healthcare providers to monitor their payments. Moreover, there’s no need to invest in bulky, expensive infrastructure. By customizing a plan that matches their unique needs, choosing a cloud solution proves to be a lot more cost-effective than setting up physical systems.
  4. Access at faster speeds: Higher number of patients calls for time-efficient accessibility to patient data. Cloud servers can upload, exchange and recover data faster, leading to better collaboration between healthcare workers, hospitals, research centers & funding institutions.
  5. Security and protection: The role of cloud computing in the healthcare department is to offer new ways to secure information. It can also improve access to patients via a device of their choice, from anywhere in the world, with just a secure internet connection.

The Unlimited Opportunities Offered by Cloud Computing

With changing times, the needs of healthcare providers change. Cloud technology lets healthcare providers scale up or down swiftly and cost-effectively to meet their current needs. Also, as technologies evolve, a cloud-based system enables easy and fast up-gradation of data and applications.

In the healthcare industry, collaborating with peers can improve patient care while joining forces with funding options offers patients affordable healthcare services. The use of cloud computing in healthcare gives every stakeholder a seamless experience to connect and contribute to making a difference.




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Claritus consulting

Claritus consulting

Claritus, a global mobile and web application development services company with 250+ app developers to design apps.

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