Why Flutter App Development is the Future of Mobile Application Development?

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Flutter is an open-source application development SDK platform built and operated by Google. It allows app developers to develop modern feature-rich applications for multiple operating systems. Flutter was launched on Github in August 2016. Although at the time it was new in the market, it did not fail to impress businesses and developers with its features.

It is a power-packed software development kit that has been used by many highly premier brands. Companies such as Google Ads, Alibaba, Reflectly, et al. have developed their applications over Flutter. Establishing this cross-platform tool has relinquished traditional hybrid frameworks making it one of the most leading and widely used app development frameworks. Its framework can effectively work on multiple platforms like Mac, iOS, and Android, to name a few. This presents it as an absolute solution for mobile app development.

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Flutter is recognized as one of the most reliable cross-browser platforms. It has also proven to be a strong opponent to its existing and established competitors such as React Native. Flutters offer some of the most remarkable features to the developers, making it one of the ideal SDK platforms. Many even quote Flutter app development to be the most prominent tool of the future. Considering its popularity earned over this short period of time, it would be interesting to discuss its reasons.

Let’s discuss reasons to choose Flutter for mobile app development

1. Performance on cross-platform:

In Flutter, applications are built on C, C++, Skia, and Dart to provide a native and higher user experience. Applications developed on Flutter give optimal performance than applications built on other platforms such as React Native.

2. Dart programming language

Dart is a very performant language for software and application development. Developers with hands-on experience writing code for C# and Java programming language can quickly pick up and start coding using Dart. Darts make the process of app development more productive and faster by providing rich tooling support.

3. Easy Setup.

Every product of Google is known for its excellent support and ease of use. Flutter is easy for setting up, understanding, and building an application. Additionally, it executes the material design concepts and comes with many ready-to-use widgets, which are relatively useful for developers. Flutter’s documentation, too, is well summarized and simple, which makes it easy to understand.

4. Need to code only once

This feature wins extra points. Applications developed using Flutter uses Dart as its single language. This eliminates the need to maintain multiple or separate files and folders for Android and iOS and can be reused. As only dart language is used and the code has to be written only once for both the platforms, it is easier for developers to include the most unique and essential features. Once the application is launched and is installed by the audience, the developers can easily upgrade features as per the market demand and analysis.

5. Hot Reload

Flutter developers can use the Hot Reload feature to quickly check the codes’ output and update on the changes made in real-time. Hot Reload feature is highly useful for developers to experiment with adding features, UI, images, and fixing bugs in the code. Applications developed on Flutter are delivered way faster than in comparison with other frameworks.

6. Cross-Platform Development

Flutter gives a native-like experience despite being a cross-platform SDK, on both iOS and Android. With a flutter, developers don’t have to work on multiple frameworks for multiple platforms to provide a rich user experience and features.

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