Top 7 Web Development Trends For 2021

Each year, new trends and technology create an environment where web developers locate themselves. 1 year is indicated by static sites, yet another by the cell reply, and yet another by chatbots. Web growth tendencies change more or less annually. For decision-makers, it’s essential to be knowledgeable about them for two reasons: preserving increased competition and hastening knowledge. Since over half of company owners wish to better their site, this is not likely to take place in your business.

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What are the current trends in Web development?

Trend #1: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Bots

In 2020, artificial intelligence has come to be a fundamental trend in contemporary web development. We’re constantly bombarded by illustrations of AI within our everyday routines. Another example is the highly innovative Netflix function. It monitors and analyzes user interactions with every picture and so recommends precise decisions based on accurate diagnosis.

Trend #2: Motion UI

Trend #3: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

Trend #4: Voice Search Optimization

Trend #5: Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

A recent study shows that mobiles dominate other devices such as desktops or tablets. There is also a serious difference between using mobile apps and mobile browsers. Users of applications spend more than 80% of their time with their gadgets.

Trend #6: Single Page Application (SPA) Architecture

Trend #7: API-first Design

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