The Leading Trends of NodeJS Development For 2020

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Being an application developer, you must be knowing the fact that the least amount of time spent is on your app, and more time spent is on managing frameworks resulting in a huge loss of productivity and creativity. And trying to combine three or four systems seamlessly can be extremely tricky. Nothing is perfect even if it is so well-established as a WordPress (the platform does have compatibility and performance issues). Initially, when I came across the term NodeJS development, I couldn’t figure out what was the hype all about.

In simple words, NodeJS is an open-source cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment mainly used to build scalable server-side network applications; but now being able to assist in any kind of project — all thanks to its growth and popularity. Featuring an ample of libraries, tools, and software, the tech allows developing fast and scalable network app that usually runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, or OS X.

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The Leading Trends of NodeJS Development in 2020

Serverless Architecture
Being popular for its serverless architecture, NodeJS allows you to create an application without having to worry about the maintenance of servers. The serverless architecture means reduced reliance on hardware and servers. And because of the serverless architecture, the framework offers a wide range of benefits in regards to code quality, diminished project cost, reusable code modules, and better flexibility.

GraphQL deployment in NodeJS Apps
GraphQL is a data querying and manipulation programming language for APIs being developed by Facebook. In the year 2019, GraphQL saw the highest peak in its popularity. Interestingly, it is still growing and is all set to dominate NodeJS development trends in 2020.

With the help of GraphQL, NodeJS developers can easily make use of the sources of multiple data. It even facilitates the workflow of an application on a wide range of platforms and offers a sample placeholder structure for the new ones. Lastly, the moment you incorporate GraphQL in any existing NodeJS application, its ability to fetch data increases by at least 50%.

Cloud Solutions
As the point implies, here we will be discussing building cloud apps with NodeJS. The serverless structure provides great assistance in simplifying the cloud app construction right from the scratch.

Keeping the intense popularity of NodeJS development in mind, Google has come up with a wide range of NodeJS tools available for developers that can be used for faster cloud application development. Also, one cannot deny the fact that cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning models will be ruling the world in the future.

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