Redefine Your Mobile App Retention Strategies 2021

In the past, many mobile app developers believed that the success of an app was measured by the number of downloads it had. However, not long ago, it dawned on developers that mobile app retention rate is the true measure of the app’s performance and success.

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What is Mobile App Retention?

This metric is the most essential of all mobile app analytics. It is usually measured through thirty-day, seven-day, and one-day timeframes. Mathematically, the retention rate is the number of monthly active users divided by the number of monthly installs.

Mobile app retention is crucial and should be taken seriously to ensure an exceptional mobile app performance.

Several factors are considered when developing an app, but those that impact app retention strategies should be prioritized.

What is Mobile App Retention Strategies?

App Onboarding


In-app Messages

Push Notifications


Redefine Your Mobile App Retention Strategies

If you have not recorded any significant improvement in your app retention rate, redefine your mobile app retention strategy. Here are some of the ways you can do it:

Identify the Perfect Opportunity

Iteration/Regular Updates

Prioritize User Experience

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