Advantages & Disadvantages Of Angular And VueJS Development

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VueJS and Angular

While there can be various reasons behind why these brands have adopted Vue.js 2.6 vs Angular 8, a few of them are stated below:-

Benefits of Considering Angular Development Framework

Some of the pros of Angular that proves it to be the right JS framework for your app needs are:-

  • Server-Side Rendering

Angular JS framework offers better Server-Side Rendering (SSR) features that improve the page speed on the client-side. This makes the JS framework more SEO-friendly.

  • Separation of Concerns

Angular follows the MVC model, which makes it good for separation of concerns and cleaner faster development.

  • Deep Linking Module

The framework provides developers with an extensive linking module for single page app development that assists in understanding of how Ajax works and introducing its advantages into your app project.

  • Tools and Filters

As stated earlier, Angular 8 comes up with various features, tools, and filters that makes development environment better and faster. Some of these features are lazy loading, virtual scrolling, preview of Ivy, support for Node 10, and more.

  • Testing and Maintenance

The Angular IO framework comes with advanced refactoring and debugging options that aid developers in the testing and maintenance process. Besides, it renders the opportunity to test the complete project with a single testing tool like Jasmine, Karma and Protractor. This cut down the hassle of developers and ensure highly-effective results.

  • Update Scope with CLI

As we have already seen in our article React vs Angular covered a few months ago, Angular CLI is easy to install and use. It also serves mobility experts with simpler commands and effective testing tools and is supported by several engineers and platforms that make it possible to update all the app components — including those having dependency on third-party libraries and APIs.

While these are the advantages of Angular that supports the idea of choosing it for front-end development, it’s good to have a glance at the benefits of Vue to determine what to consider in Vue.js vs Angular to do justice to your app needs.

Advantages of Going with Vue.js

Vue.js is emerging out as one of the most popular front-end JavaScript frameworks to rely upon for your application development needs, with benefits like:-

  • Memory Consumption

One of the pros of Vue.js development is that the app developed can be as light as 18Kb after zipping. This makes it the first choice to target the user base demanding for low memory consumption with impressive features availability.

  • Ease of Learning

Vue CLI comes under the category of most popular JavaScript frameworks in 2019. Its CLI is too basic when compared to other frameworks including Angular. Besides, it has an extensive and updated documentation. All these reasons make it the first choice of all those who are or wish to enter the development arena.

  • Readability

Being written in JavaScript and having the property of clean codes, this framework makes it easier for anyone to read and understand the code to take the development process further.

  • Download Speed

Since the app size is minimal, the Vue.js — based application is faster to download and employ.

  • Integration Scope

As specified earlier in our Vue.js vs Reactjs article that was covered last year, Vue.js facilitates a simpler and easier integration process. This makes it developers’ favorite to build both single page application from scratch and integrate high-end components into an existing one.

  • Server-Side Rendering

Another factor that counts under the benefits of Vue.js is that it also offers the option of Server-side rendering. This improves the speed of the working of pages on the client end, which eventually results in better user experience.

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